Assessment of legal regulations and requirements

The QHSE cert Division is at your disposal for the certification of comprehensive regulations in the recycling and waste disposal industry (EfbV) and for the preparation of environmental assessments.

As an accredited technical inspection organization, we not only certify according to the Efb Regulation but also to European standards such as EuCertPlast and WEEE directive. With these comprehensive accreditations 

QHSE cert Ltd. is the only accredited certification company in Europe that offers all German and European standards for certifications in the waste management and recycling industry from one hand with its own experts.

QHSE Certificate


We offer the following certifications:


Environmental assessors are awarded by the European Environmental Audit Directive, to validate and certify organizations from industry services or other entities in compliance with the requirements of environmental and energy management regulations.

Environmental verifiers pass a special legal approval procedure with final recognition, including the publication of this recognition in the database of the respective registration office:

DAU  German accreditation body for environmental verifiers
ZKS  Central coordination Office of legal Disposal Companies

EuCertPlast  European Certification of Plastics Recyclers
RecyClass European Certification of Plastics Recycler

ZSVR  Central Office for Registration of packaging producer and recycler 

QHSE Cert Division

conformity inspection body
conformity assessment body
Environmental Verifying
Accredited European Certification

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