Certification acc. ElektroG

The ElektroG is the German implementation of the European Directive 2012/19 / EU - WEEE2. This regulation applies to electrical and electronic equipment, which acc. §2 of the ElektroG are assigned in the following device categories:

• Large household appliances
• Small household appliances
• Information and telecommunications equipment
• consumer electronics and photovoltaic modules
• Lighting
• electrical and electronic tools
• toys and sports and leisure equipment
• Medical Products
• monitoring and control instruments
• automatic output devices

Operators of dismantling and treatment plants (EBA) have to have their conformity validated annually by an environmental verifier. A certificate acc. to the ElektroG or declaration of
WEEE conformity may only be issued if an EAB complies with the technical requirements and the material flow monitoring, which is necessary to determine the recovery rates, can be validated in a comprehensible manner.



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  • Certification of the first treatment plant acc. § 21, Abs. 2 ElektroG
  • Certification in connection with the EfBV gem. § 21, Abs. 4 ElektroG



Certification of waste disposal compliance in connection with the ElektroG requires the successful certification according to the EfB-V. A certificate is valid with an annual, binding recertification analogous to the EfBV certificate for a maximum validity period of 18 months.

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