WEEE Conformity

The EU standards for the WEEE regulations 50625-1 to 50625-5, 50614, 50574 define the requirements of a system promoted by the EU Commission for the development and harmonization of a Europe-wide uniform standard on requirements for dismantling / treatment facilities for the recovery and de-pollution of WEEE.

A clear regulation such as the German application of LAGA 31 A and 31 B for the certification of dismantling / treatment facilities (EBA, ErstBehandlungsAnlagen) does not exist in the European Memberstates. According to the European WEEE regulations we can evaluate the compliance in an onsite Assessment to issue a confirmation of conformity.

We no longer offer certification according to the non-authoritative WEEELABEX procedure.


QHSE cert GmbH

We offer for your company:

  • Declaration of conformity to the European WEEE regulations
  • Declaration of conformity for European multi-site EBA organization according to WEEE regulations
  • Certification according to ElektroG / EfbV
  • Combination with EfBV/ElktroG certification and conformity to WEEE regulations




The structure of the European WEEE standards is in accordance with the general rules for the structure and creation of normative documents, which facilitates integration into existing or to be implemented ISO standards, e.g. ISO 9001:2015
An integration of these EU standards is implemented by the
European Commission. The European series of standards EN 50625 is designed to promote dismatling / recycling, support sustainable recovery methods and exclude non-compliant disposal of WEEE including its isolated fractions.

Compliance with the normative WEEE requirements does not replace the current liabilities of an organization's legal obligations.
In cases where normative requirements of the WEEE series of standards differ from legal or official national or sub-national regulations, the stricter requirements apply.


Assessments topics for conformity of the WEEE regulations

  • Operating permits and legal compliance
  • QHSE Management
  • Training, qualification and organization of the personnel
  • up- and downstream WEEE monitoring
  • Stock-Management
  • depollution process and associated mass balancing
  • Quality controls of fractionated material flows
  • operational environmental protection, accident management, emergency preparedness
  • batch-tests for applied streams

An initial assessment  takes a longer time frame. Depending on the type and size of the plant usualy one to two days will be required. After a successful initial evaluation, an annual monitoring follows to prove the continuous conformity.


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