EoW End of Waste

Pursuant to § 5 (1) of the German Recycling Directive (KrWG), the waste status of a substance ends if it has undergone a recovery process and is such that:

  • this is used for specific purposes
  • there is a market or a demand
  • all technical requirements have been met for the respective purpose
  • all legislation and applicable standards for products are met
  • the overall use does not lead to harmful effects on humans or the environment.

If the end of the waste status is determined for an amount previously defined as waste, the waste-related legal obligations no longer apply. In its place, if applicable, the product, chemicals, or hazardous substances law apply. At the same time, the exception to the REACH requirements is dropped

The shipment of secondary raw materials with product status is not subject to the requirements of the Waste Shipment Act; therefore, in cases of EU-wide trade, no waste legislation documentation would be available.



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Declaration of conformity to prove the EoW property

  • Ferrous, steel and aluminum scrap EU No. 333/2011
  • Copper scrap EU No. 715/2013
  • Cullet EU No. 1179/2012

The conditions according to the o.g. Regulations thus result in:

  • the EoW material is intended for specific purposes and concrete procedures in accordance with the annexes of the relevant waste disposal ordinance. This means concrete processing and substance-specific criteria.
  • the producer of the EoW product draws up a declaration of conformity for each batch
  • the producer organization maintains a quality management system to document compliance with the end-of-waste criteria.

Conformity with EU regulations and quality management systems must be validated annually by an environmental verifier.


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