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EMAS vers ISO 14001:2015

EMAS offers essential added value compared to ISO 14001:2015, such as transparency through environmental reporting in the "public sphere". In particular, the compliance with the relevant legal provisions required by EMAS provides significantly increased legal and liability security for the responsible parties and the stakeholders of the organization. Aspects of sustainability can also be more easily linked to EMAS.


Advantages of the EMAS Environmental Management System:

  • Sustainable stability of operational environmental protection through the binding participation of all employees
  • Proof of compliance with laws and regulations, legal compliance by validation of the environmental verifier
  • Privileges in approval procedures and savings through benefits on application
  • Simplified reporting obligations for BImSchG, accident or WHG facilities (EMAS privilege)
  • More intensive involvement of involved operational units, e.g. Environmental cost account UKoRe
  • Prevention of operational risks
  • Image gain, competitive advantages, sustainable credibility

An EMAS certification includes an ISO 14001 certification. If your company already has ISO 14001 certification, it can be integrated into EMAS certification. However, this does not mean that an accredited verifier will accept third-party ISO 14001 certification without reservation.
Environmental verifiers are much more qualified environmental auditors and therefore assess the external ISO 14001 audits and findings of the certification company.


EMAS Institutionen
QHSE cert division
QHSE cert GmbH Europe

conformity inspection body
conformity assessment body
Environmental Verifying
Accredited European Certification

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