basic conditions for ecolabel blue angel

An assessment according to DE-UZ 30a is necessary to apply for the blue angle label for products made of recycled plastics.

Plastic recyclates within the meaning of DE-UZ 30a are granules or agglomerates obtained from post-consumer recyclates, PCR.

The recycled material itself must be obtained from recycling processes which have been certified according to EuCertPlast.
The origin and composition of plastic recyclates for the new products must be proven by the recyclate supplier by means of the EuCErtPlast certificate (including the report).


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Products made from recycled plastics

In order to obtain certification for the product from PCR in accordance with the "Blue Angel" regulations, the raw material and manufacturing conditions must be validated by an environmental verifier in accordance with the specifications of DE-UZ 30a.

The regulation DE-UZ 30a requires, when producing PCR products, that the proportion of plastic recyclates in the finished products is at least 80%.

The following plastics are not permitted:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Plastic waste with polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated
  • Plastic waste with Diphenyl ethers (PBDE) as a flame retardant
  • Plastic waste with fully or partially halogenated organic blowing agents
  • non PCR plastics, as there are production and processing waste

No substances may be added to the PCR material which are:

  • carcinogenic category 1A, 1B or 2 according to Table 3.1 of Annex VI to EC Regulation 1272/2008
  • category 1A, 1B or 2 listed in Table 3.1 of Annex VI to EC Regulation 1272/2008
  • toxic for reproduction in categories 1A, 1B or 2 of Table 3.1 of Annex VI to EC Regulation 1272/2008
  • persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT substances) or very persistent or highly accumulable (vPvB substances) acc.Annex XIII REACH Regulation
  • or for other reasons which have been included in the list drawn up in accordance with REACH Article 59 (1)

These and other production-specific requirements must be evaluated by an accredited environmental verifier. The report to be submitted annually must be submitted by the end of the first quarter of the respective following year or by the required date specified on RAL request.



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