Biogas CHP Plant

evaluation of conformity


The Renewable Energy Directive EEG defines different framework conditions for operators of biogas plants, biogas feed-in systems, biomethane plants or similar.
The installations must comply with the legal provisions of the Directive and map their capability requirements on the basis of an expert report.

Compliance with these requirements must be checked annually by an accredited environmental verifier.


An Biogas CHP plant assessment includes an on-site visit where the installation is inspected by the environmental verifier and an off-site evaluation of the annual feed-in quantities from the comparison of the meter readings and billing documents of the network operators.

Example of an assessment:



A environmental verifier calculates the plausibility of the raw materials provided and their potential energy yield for the following depending on the applicable renewable directive regulations:

renewable resources and manure bonus
CHP bonus
dry fermentation bonus
• Technology Bonus
• RED 2012 feedstock compensation classes
• Flexibility premium
landscaping Bonus

QHSE cert Division

conformity inspection body
conformity assessment body
Environmental Verifying
Accredited European Certification

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