Career with the QHSE cert Division

Environmental verifiers and auditors live in the QHSE group in a professional working environment.
Through the many years of experience and expertise of our colleagues, we have created a professional and sustainable working environment and provide this experience of different careers for the development opportunities of our new employees.

Our open corporate culture with flat hierarchies supports cooperation on equal terms and enables a trusting working atmosphere.
We promote the training and accreditation of our experts and also offer engineers and technicians from the respective field the opportunity to develop themselves as auditors and experts.
Similar to this commitment, we also provide funding from our office staff and representative crew. Each of our QHSE crew members is involved in the success of the company.


The QHSE Personal Division team consists of specialists in the relevant workspaces. Over the years, the professional qualifications and personal experience of our teammates have developed into an extensive know-how that has built up a significant knowledge.

Jobseekers, job changers, career entrants or doctoral students - We support Bachelor / Master students professionally, responsibly and discreetly when looking for a job when changing jobs or when looking for an organization for an appealing thesis

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