Certification acc. EU Packaging Directive (VerpackG)

The new Packaging Directive is to be in force on 1 January 2019 and replace the currently valid packaging ordinance. The EU Packaging Directive is aimed at commercial manufacturers and distributors (including mail-order companies) who circulate packaging, packaging materials or products from which packaging is manufactured or goods in packaging.
The principle of extended product responsibility applies. Thus, any organization that puts packaging into circulation will be required to demonstrate compliance, and that returns and recycling will be complied with.
Anyone who places packaging in Germany on the market, be it to protect, better market or ship a product (shipping packaging), must ensure that these packaging can be properly disposed of or recycled prior to placing it on the market.

Manufacturers and distributors have the option to take back packaging in their own systems and use it in the so-called industry solution acc. § 8 VerpackG to recycle. A proof of the correct use of the flow must be reported to the registry in both cases.

In addition to a significant increase in quotas for more sustainable material recycling, obligations and definitions are addressed more explicitly with the VerpackG.



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Manufacturer / first-in-Marketer

Manufacturers placing on the market the packaging subject to PSI must submit a completeness declaration for the previous year until 15 May each year. The information must be validated by an accredited expert and registered electronically at the Central Office Packaging Register ZSV.


If a company is required to provide a declaration-report of thier quantities of packaging materials, it must be deposited in the LUCID register by 15 May of the following year. This key date is laid down by law in § 11 (1) VerpackG.

As this is a statutory deadline, an extension can not be granted.

A declaration of completeness is also to be filed in the packaging register LUCID after this deadline. The obligation to deposit a VE persists, even if the deadline has expired.

In principle, a late deposit constitutes an administrative offense punishable by a fine. For a possibly following administrative offense procedure is responsible not the central place packing register, but the respective regional executive authority.

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