End-of-life vehicle Regulation

Companies that are certified as waste disposal companies in accordance with §§ 56 and 57 of the German Recycling Directive (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz) or the EfB-V Directive, can also obtain certification in the sense of the End of Life Vehicle Ordinance.
Separate requirements of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive can also be certified separately without the scope of an EfB-V certification.


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We offer for your company:

• EfB-V certification with added end-of-life vehicle requirements
• Certification in accordance with end-of-life vehicle regulations


Accredited environmental verifiers in charge of officially conformity assessment bodies are entitled to certify end-of-life vehicle recycling companies. Recognized assessment bodies are listed in the central register at the ZKS
Only contrary to §6 of the End of Life Vehicle Vehicles can documents for the inspection of acceptance and return points, which are at the same time motor vehicle workshops, be carried out by your competent motor vehicle guild.


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