ISO 9001

Among the most important success factors in the local and especially in global competition are, in addition to the largely usual customer satisfaction or customer orientation in particular the process efficiency and the ability to quickly and flexibly to changing Requirements of the relevant and future market. Opportunities and risks must be known and aware of the organisation's management to keep stability and resilience always available.

A quality management system forms these complex requirements for processes and process organization. A certification confirms to the stakeholders of an organization that there is a conformity with ISO 9001 and that specific requirements are implemented sustainably.

A certified quality management according to ISO 9001 is therefore not only for customers, contract partners, suppliers and other stakeholders, e.g. authorities, insurering or financial stakeholders,  a verification of the competence and performance of the organization, but also consolidates The employees have a loyalitätsbindene documentation on the quality of their own performance and the necessary motivations for a continuous improvement process.


We offer for your company:

ISO 9001: 2015 Certifications according to DAkks in cooperation of our accredited certification partner
ISO 9001 2nd party audits at your suppliers
ISO 9001: 2015 pre-certification audits as a certification stress test


Quality Management ISO 9001: 2015

Quality management is the best-known and most widely used management system.

The ISO 9001 system offers significant benefits for organizations of all sizes and industries:


  • Reduction of corporate risk through transparent and improved processes
  • Illustration of the fulfillment of product specifications.
  • Error prevention to avoid resource-consuming corrections
  • Conformity to approval-relevant liabilities and legal regulations
  • Protection against organizational negligence
  • sustainable resilience
  • Competitive advantages by representing the interests and disinterests of the relevant stakeholders
  • effective pro-actions and faster re-action to changing market conditions
  • more efficient organization and more efficient organization of operations


The new HLS will allow future standards to better integrate other standards, such as the ISO 45001. But also other Standards or non ISO Standards, that are not certifiable can be more easily integrated, such as the CSR requirements.

A quality management system maps the complex requirements of processes and process organization. A certification confirms the stakeholders of an organization that fulfills these corporate goals and is implemented sustainably.


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