Commercial waste regulation for waste generators

The Commercial Waste Ordinance (GewAabfV) defines the handling of commercial municipal waste as well as construction and demolition waste. The Commercial Waste Ordinance is valid nationwide and relevant for every commercial waste producer.
The Commercial Waste Ordinance requires monitoring of the so-called separate collection rate. This quantifies the fractional mass percentage of commercial municipal waste generated in companies. Companies that can detect a separate collection rate of at least 90% by mass (
now colloquially called "90/10 scheme") can put downstream sorting obligations into perspective for remaining mixed fractions. Not relevant are WEEE, batteries and waste, which are disposed of separately as part of the dual systems (yellow bag / yellow bin).

Clearly defined requirements are attached to the respective proof of the corresponding collection rate. The relevant document guides must be checked and validated by an approved environmental verifier and transmitted to the competent authorities by 31 March of the respective following year at their request.


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The intension of the GewAbfV is the promotion of the separate collection and thus the expansion of the recycling of commercial municipal waste and construction and demolition waste.

The aim is to exploit the available recovery potentials more sustainably and to gain as much as possible pure and valuable secondary raw materials for more sustainable recycling processes through optimal separation potentials.

In line with this intention, the new GewAbfV increases the requirement for separate collection and thus the specifications for the unmixed collection of waste streams in companies. For this purpose, commercial waste producers must collect and transport the municipal waste (paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, metals, wood, textiles and biowaste) as well as construction and demolition waste separately.


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