WEEELABEX Certification

The WEEE label of Excellence defines the requirements of an EU supported system for the development and harmonisation of standards for the certification of treatment facilities for recovery and depollution of electrical and electronic equipment. In addition, the standard regulates the European-wide approval of auditors in order to meet requirements for uniform qualification standards across Europe and thus certification capabilities.

WEEELABEX is a European certification to assess conformity to the EN 50625-standards and evaluates the processing and disposal of WEEE. It also assess the de-pollution process and downstream-process for secondary treatment.
It specifically provides a common and harmonised set of European standards with respect to collection, handling, storage, recycling, preparation for re-use and disposal of WEEE. This standard demonstrates also compliance with EU health, safety and environmental legislation. The European Standard EN 50625 series aims to promote material recycling, promote sustainable recovery practices and eliminate non-compliant disposal of WEEE, including their isolated fractions.

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We offer for your company:

  • Certification according to WEEELABEX
  • Certification for European multi-site organization according to WEEELABEX
  • Certification in combination with EfBV




European Site Management with German sites

A WEEELABEX certification specifically refers to the recovery and dismantling of WEEE and their device-specific requirements for depollution and is much more specific than the German regulation LAGA 31A or 31B

Compliance with the WEEELABEX normative requirements does not replace the obligations for the legal requirements of an organization, e.g. Entsorgungsfachbetriebe-Verordnung or if applicable BImSchG conditions for German operators. QHSE cert Auditors are acceditated  to certify German Sites according to the german Efb-regulation in combination with WEELABEX certification.



The following areas, which are assessed at a WEELABEX certification:

  • Operating permits and legal compliance
  • QHSE Management
  • Training, qualification and organization of the personnel
  • up- and downstream WEEE monitoring
  • Stock-Management
  • depollution process and associated mass balancing
  • Quality controls of fractionated material flows
  • operational environmental protection, accident management, emergency preparedness
  • batch-tests for applied streams

A first-certification  takes a longer time frame. Depending on the type and size of the plant usualy one to two days will be required. After a successful initial certification, an annual monitoring follows to prove the continuous conformity.

For combinations with other regulations, e.g. EfbV, ISO 14001, EMAS or ISO 9001, individual elements of the respective standard are adaptable.


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The WEEELABEX Organization is an international institution dedicated to the adoption of common standards in the EU for development, as well as providing quality, service and tools to promote the use of WEEE standards by operators and Member States as a means of improvement promote and validate WEEE management practices in Europe.
The organization also accredits auditors for European certification in the WEEELABEX standards.

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