QHSE Cert Division

Since 1995, our engineers have already been involved in the branches of various Service Provider and production / process technologies and thus in various Standards and regulation areas. Our team gradually expanded with specialists from industry standards as well as certification and environmental verifier areas.

Comprehensive know-how in the field of QHSE management has grown with various ISO standards and has proven successful in the certification and environmental assessments for our customers in synergy and improvement processes for various industries. Extensive experience from the waste management and recycling industry rounds off the competence portfolio of the QHSE cert Division.


QHSE crew

As an accredited conformity asssment body (CAB), we not only certify according to German waste managment directive (KrWG), but also to European standards such as EuCertPLast or WEEE for our European customers

With founding of the QHSE Cert Division for Certification and Environmental Verifying we remain integrated in the QHSE group, albeit explicitly independent and impartial, which is one of the essential prerequisites for a conforming certification body.

QHSE Cert Division is your partner for ISO certifications, as well as KrWG certifications and renewable energy directive-Verifiyng or other environmental assessments e.g. EMAS or sustainability reports.



In all activities of the QHSE group, its overall integrity and that of all individual crew members is the central focus. The trust that we receive from our customers and stakeholders is always fundamental for the success of the QHSE group as a whole and for each of our group members.

The QHSE group is a company set up for European requirements in the areas of consulting, verification, validation and certification. In addition, sophisticated training and further education systems as well as personnel services are part of the group's overall portfolio.

We reflect the trust and good image of the QHSE group and continuously strive to expand the values we represent, to adapt them to changing social demands and to improve them. We achieve this goal through sustainable and transparent exercise of our expertise. This enables us to serve the expectations of our customers in the business areas we have chosen as our specialized fields of activity, to offer individual development opportunities to our crew members, and to provide our stakeholders (accreditation bodies and supervisory authorities) with expected and sustainable proof of integrity.

Our Code of Integrity is an expression of the values that apply to the QHSE group in its various business areas. As a European service provider we are committed to the requirements of an international and professional practice. To maintain these standards, all goup members without exception are d'accord to deliver their work results based on professionalism, fairness and sustainability. Each group member is aware that we are always accountable to ourselves and our clients to maintain our principles of integrity.

The success of the QHSE group is based on the trust that all group members earn time and again from our clients, their colleagues and the public sector in which they operate. This trust is also characterized by the joint efforts of all QHSE group members. The intention of the QHSE group is to strengthen the trust of all our stakeholders by implementing this Code of Integrity in a sustainable manner.

QHSE Cert Division

conformity inspection body
conformity assessment body
Environmental Verifying
Accredited European Certification

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