EuCertPlast Certification

EuCertPlast is a Europe-wide certification program for the recycling of plastic waste. On the one hand, an EuCertPlast certification validates the compliance of the operational standards of plastic recycling processes and their quality levels, and on the other hand confirms to the disposers that all recyclable plastic waste is recycled in an environmentally sound manner and according to the respective legal requirement of the respective EU state.

The certification program focuses on the traceability of plastic materials (throughout the recycling process and the entire supply chain) and on the quality of the recycled content in the final product


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We offer for your company:

  • Certification according to EuCertPlast

  • Certification for European and global multi-site organization according to EuCertPlast


The following areas, which are checked by an EuCertPlast certification:

  • Operating permits and legal compliance
  • Training, qualification and organization of the personnel, as well as the management
  • Incoming inspection and test procedure for delivered substances
  • Management of warehousing
  • Recovery process and associated mass balancing
  • Quality controls of the recycled end product
  • operational environmental protection, accident management, emergency preparedness
  • Quality management and traceability

A first-time certification, like a waste management certification, takes a longer time frame. Depending on the type of plant and size one to two days will be required for a first assessment. After a successful initial certification, an annual monitoring follows to prove the continuous conformity.

For combinations with other regulations, e.g. EfbV, ISO 14001, EMAS or ISO 9001, individual elements of the respective standard are adaptable.


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The goal of EuCertPlast is to promote environmentally friendly plastics recycling through standardization. An EuCertPlast certification marks the increase in the transparency of the European plastics industry as well as the integration of different testing systems into a common EU harmonized system.

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