EMAS certification | validation

Procedure of an EMAS registration

The first step to EMAS registration is the determination of the current state and the mapping of the future goals. With the implementation of an environmental management system (ISO 14001: 2015), the distribution of responsibilities, the development of core indicators for e.g. Energy and water consumption and waste generation and concrete process controls for the flow control. The internal environmental audit (the first environmental audit) maps the effectiveness of the system and defines concrete, comprehensible and measurable goals.

EMAS validation

The objectives and measures derived from the first environmental audit (and later their achievement of objectives) are documented in an environmental statement, which must be validated by an environmental verifier. A special feature of the EMAS requirement is that compliance with all relevant environmental legislation must be checked and confirmed

If the assessment of the environmental management system is successful and the environmental statement valid, the registration application is submitted to the responsible registration office. They communicate with the responsible environmental authority about any violations and register the company in the EMAS register. Now the registered company is allowed to use the EMAS logo


EMAS Institutionen
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conformity inspection body
conformity assessment body
Environmental Verifying
Accredited European Certification

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