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EMAS is the world's most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. The objective of an EMAS-based environmental management system is the continuous improvement of environmental performance in companies by means of a comprehensive management claim beyond ISO 14001.

The EMAS regulation contains further binding elements in relation to the commercial environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015. Therefore, successful validation according to EMAS also includes certification according to ISO 14001.


EMAS validation and also ISO 14001 certification is carried out in accordance to DAU accreditation


In order to verify EMAS requirements and validate the environmental statement of a site or organization, comprehensive verification requirements from the EMAS Regulation must be verified.

Verification focal points are:

  • Environmental policy, environmental objectives, and environmental program of the organization.
    The organization has established an appropriate management system to continuously reduce environmental impacts, environmental objectives and continuous improvement are monitored and evaluated with appropriate key performance indicators for the organization.
  • Environmental reporting (environmental statement)
    An environmental statement provides information to the public about environmental aspects and environmental performance of the organization, validated by the environmental verifier. The validation confirms the reliability, credibility and accuracy of the data in the environmental statement.
  • key performance indicators, environmental aspects
    The significant environmental aspects and the related impacts on the environment are evaluated
  • Legal obligations of the organization and compliance
    The environmental management system operates a continuous monitoring process, which in particular monitors and keeps up to date compliance with environmental legal and other requirements.
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance
    EMAS requires annual audits to maintain certification and update information in the environmental statement


Once an environmental verifier has validated an environmental statement, the organization can apply for registration with the relevant Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In addition, a registration in the register of the European Commission takes place,


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